№1 / 2012

Problem-solving articles
Briko N.I., Pokrovsky V.I.
The developmental stages of epidemiology and the current views of its pattern
Original investigations
Zuyeva L.P., Aslanov B.I., Dolgiy A.A., Goncharov A.E., Arkhangelsky A.I.
Bacteriophages are factors for evolution of nosocomial strains and means for combating infections
Lyapina E.P., Ediev M.S., Krasilnikova N.N., Kozhevnikova G.M., Vorobyeva E.V., Pomyaksheva A.V., Nikiforova E.A.
Clinical and epidemiological features of rabies in the Saratov Region
Koroleva I.S., Beloshitsky G.V.
Epidemiological characteristics of pneumococcal meningitis in children aged under 6 years of age in the Russian Federation
Nagoyev B.S., Betsukova A.M.
Change in the activity of the antioxidant system in patients with influenza
Larionova N.V., Kiseleva I.V., Grigorieva E.P., Isakova–Sivak I.N., Donina S.A., Rudenko L.G.
Live influenza vaccine for children and adults: transmissibility in children 3–6 years of age
Savvina N.V., Dmitrieva T.G.
Evaluation of the efficiency of antiviral therapy for chronic viral hepatitis in children in Yakutia
Reviews and lectures
Ship S.A., Ratnikova L.I.
Epidemiology of erysipelas as a clinical type of non-invasive streptococcosis
Dronov I.A., Malyavina U.S.
Problems of antibacterial therapy for childhood tonsillopharyngitis and possibilities for their solution
Kisteneva L.B.
Present views of hepatitis C virus infection in pregnant women and newborn infants
Melnikova G.N., Anisimova L.I.
Skin antiseptics for medical personnel hand disinfection to optimize the prevention of nosocomial infections in medical organizations
Exchange of experience
Belousov Yu.B., Afanasyeva E.V., Belousov D.Yu., Beketov A.S.
Сost-minimization analysis of etravirine and raltegravir used in therapy for hiv infection
Osidak L.V., Zarubayev V.V., Dondurey E.A., Golovacheva E.G., Sukhovetskaya V.F., Drinevsky V.P., Kashayeva O.V.
The natural immunomodular sodium deoxyribonucleate as a drug to treat influenza and acute respiratory viral infection in children (results of preclinical and clinical trials)
Feklisova L.V.
Clinical and laboratory evaluation of interferon preparations used in children with acute respiratory diseases in therapeutic and health-improving institutions
Tagizade F.T.
Significance of quantitative changes in humoral and cellular immunity in the determination of the efficiency of treatment and prediction of the outcome of botulism
History of medicine
Anniversary and Memorable Dates of the History of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases in 2012

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