The journal of the National Scientific Society of Infectiologists


It was founded in 2011.

ISSN 2414-9640 (Online), ISSN 2226-6976 (Print)

It is a quarterly journal

«Èpidemiologiâ i infekcionnye bolezni. Aktual’nye voprosy (Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases. Current Items)» is a bimonthly medical scientific-and-practical journal published since 2011 and the authority of the National Scientific Society of Infectologists.

The journal is intended for a wide range of specialists, such as epidemiologists, infectiologists, pediatricians, therapists, local and family physicians, researchers, higher educators, and health administrators. It continues the best traditions of Russian science and practice.

The theme of the journal is versatile and covers all areas of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases.

The journal familiarizes practitioners with the latest scientific advances in the diagnosis, clinical presentation, and epidemiology of infectious diseases. Its articles reflect current views on the etiopathogenesis, clinical picture, current drug and non-drug treatments, prevention, and rehabilitation of infectious diseases. The journal proposes to exchange practical experience, to discuss critical problems in infectious pathology, and to enhance professional knowledge of these issues. It also discusses the topical issues of pre- and postgraduate education of physicians, such as infectiologists and epidemiologists, and the ways of improving a pedagogical process.

Scientific reviews on the most topical problems are regularly published. The journal pages provide the official information of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and an analysis of the epidemic situation in the country.

The journal is a peer-reviewed periodical.

The journal is published every quarter (or four issues per year).

«Èpidemiologiâ i infekcionnye bolezni. Aktual’nye voprosy (Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases. Current Items)» is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific journals recommended for publication of principal scientific results of dissertations competing for scientific degrees of Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science.

The journal is included in databases EBSCO, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory.

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