№2 / 2022

Epidemic situation
Koroleva M.A., Gritsay M.I., Koroleva I.S., Melnikova A.A.
Meningococcal infection in the Russian Federation: a ten-year follow-up
Original investigations
Nozdracheva A.V., Asatryan M.N., Rybak L.A., Voloshkin A.A., Semenenko A.V.
Improvement of epidemiological diagnosis in the measles surveillance system, by using new informational support methods 
Ageikin A.V., Usenko D.V., Gorelov A.V., Kurmaeva D. Yu., Melnikov V.L., Kolesova E.V.
Pathogenetic features of the development and progression of heart damage in COVID-19
Kashuba E.A., Rychkova O.A., Khanipova L.V., Khramova E.B., Lyubimtseva O.A., Ogoshkova N.V., Antonova M.V.
The immune status of school-age children with an acyclic course of tick-borne encephalitis depending on the premorbid state of the immune system
Solomay T.V., Semenenko T.A., Isaeva E.I., Vetrova E.N.
The role of active Epstein–Barr viral infection in the development of cerebrovascular diseases
Ugleva S.V., Akimkin V.G., Ponezheva Zh.B., Vasilkova V.V., Shabalina S.V.
The comparative clinical characteristics of Astrakhan spotted fever and Crimean hemorrhagic fever in the Astrakhan Region
Vasilkova V.V., Galimzyanov Kh.M., Kantemirova B.I.
Early prognostic markers of severe Astrakhan spotted fever
Reviews and lectures
Akimkin V.G., Davidova N.G., Ugleva S.V., Ponezheva Zh.B., Shabalina S.V.
Formation of COVID- 19 foci in closed collectives
Omarova Kh.G., Makashova V.V., Ponezheva Zh.B., Ageikin A.V., Mitenkova D.M., Ploskireva A.A.
Post-COVID syndrome. Pathogenesis and clinical manifestations (Part 1)
Asfandiyarova N.S.
Coronavirus infection and viruses of the Herpesviridae family
Exchange of experience
Ponezheva Zh.B., Grishaeva A.A., Burdakova E.A., Makashova V.V., Astrina O.S., Usenko D.V.
Possibilities of prevention and pathogenetic therapy of a new coronavirus infection
Makashova V.V., Ponezheva Zh.B., Omarova Kh.G., Burkova V.N., Sergun V.P., Gorelov A.V.
Experience with populin with dihydroquercetin in novel coronavirus infection
Dobin V.L., Panin I.V., Martynov V.A.
Risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 infection and peculiarities of viral shedding in patients with sarcoidosis
Samarina A.V., Mozaleva O.L., Martirosyan M.M., Skryabneva T.S.
Use of a fixed-dose antiretroviral drug in HIV-infected pregnant women
History of medicine
Skripchenko N.V., Uskov A.N., Volzhanin V.M.
The Research Institute of Childhood Infections/Children’s Research and Clinical Center for Infectious Diseases, Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia is an integral part in the National Biosafety System (on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of its foundation)

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