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Smirnova S.S., Golubkova A.A., Alimov A.V., Bolshakova A.N., Akimkin V.G.
The clinical and epidemiological characteristics of risk factors for postoperative endometritis in puerperas
№1 / 2020
Charushina I.P., Feldblum I.V., Charushin A.O., Vorobyeva N.N., Zhebeleva Yu.A.
Risk factors for the probable development of invasive candidiasis in the HIV-infected
№1 / 2017
Simonovа E.G.
Conceptual approaches to the organization and conducting anthrax surveillance in the Russian Federation
№6 / 2016
Korneev A.G., Sergevnin V.I., Sankov D.I., Pankov A.S.
Potential risk factors for Puumala virus-induced epidemic hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome among the population of forest-steppe and steppe areas
№1 / 2016
Kurbonov K.M., Satorov S.S.
Risk factors for brucellosis transmission among the population in the Republic of Tajikistan
№4 / 2014
Kuzovatova E.E.
Impact of maternal virologic and immunologic parameters and mode of delivery on the outcome of perinatal contact in children born to HIV-positive mothers in the Volga Federal District in 2006–2011
№6 / 2013
Chukaeva I.I. Kravchenko A.V., Komarova I.V., Kushakova T.E., Saino O.V.
Gender features of the development of cardiovascular risks in HIV-infected patients not receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy
№4 / 2013
Yakovlev A.A.
On discussion about the cause, conditions, and mechanism of morbidity
№4 / 2013
Chukaeva I.I., Kravchenko A.V., Komarova I.V., Kushakova T.E., Khachirova A.I., Saino O.V.
Role of risk factors in the development of cardiovascular disease in HIV-infected patients with the natural history of HIV infection
№2 / 2013
Ledina A.V., Akimkin V.G., Prilepskaya V.N.
The historical and epidemiological aspects and risk factors of premenstrual syndrome
№4 / 2012
Chukayeva I.I., Komarova I.V., Kravchenko A.V., KushakovaT.E.
HIV as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases
№4 / 2012

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