№6 / 2016

Problem-solving articles
Simonovа E.G.
Conceptual approaches to the organization and conducting anthrax surveillance in the Russian Federation
Epidemic situation
Shevchenko V.V., Lukyanenko N.V., Bazarova G.H.
Epidemiological features of anthrax in the Altai Territory at the present stage
Original investigations
Kolesin I.D.
Model of epidemic manifestations of streptococcal infection
Vasilieva N.R., Vyazovaya A.A., Inozemceva A.I., Myasnikova E.B., Zueva L.P., Narvskaya O.V.
Retrospective epidemiological analysis of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in patients with multiple admissions to tuberculosis hospitals
Tkhakushinova N.K.
Clinical and epidemiological features of acute intestinal infections of viral and combined etiology in children in the Krasnodar Territory
Belyaeva V.V., Adigamov M.M.
Prevention of human immunodeficiency virus infection: awareness, perceptions of individual risk of contamination, change in behavior
Salman E.R., Asatryan M.N., Gaidarenko A.D., Ershov I.F., Semenenko T.A.
Predictive assessment of preventable mortality associated with chronic hepatitis C
Kupchenko A.N., Ponezheva Z.B., Romeyko V.B.
Clinical efficacy of standard antiviral drugs in the treatment of ARVI patients with complications
Reviews and lectures
Mironov K.O.
Clonal complexes of Neisseria meningitidis circulating in the regions of Russia, and their role in epidemic process of meningococcal infection
Shiyanova A.E., Dmitrieva L.N., Karnaukhov I.G.
Sources of information on the global incidence of infectious diseases important for the sanitary protection of the territory of the Russian Federation: a review of internet resources
Shkarin V.V., Blagonravova A.S., Chubukova O.A.
Epidemiological approach to the evaluation of combined infectious diseases
History of medicine
Grigoreva G. I., Brusnigina N. F., Ivanova N.I., Chernevskaya O. M.
An ideal personality in science. Look over the horizon
Anniversaries and memorable dates in the history of epidemiology and infectious diseases 2017

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