№3 / 2013

Problem-solving articles
Akimkin V.G., Bormashov A.V.
Problems in medical waste disposal in the Russian Federation: State-of-the-art and solution prospects
Epidemic situation
Vorobyev M.V.
The epidemic situation associated with the prevalence of toxicomania in the Russian Federation in 2000-2011
Punga V.V., Rusakova L.N., Yakimova M.A., Putova E.V., Izmailova T.V., Erokhin V.V.
Tuberculosis situation monitoring in the Russian areas supervised by the Central Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Original investigations
Kovaleva T.A., Chuikova K.I.
Study of viral load and immune parameters in women with chronic HBV infection in the third trimester of pregnancy
Kaliaskarova K.S., Tuganbekova S.K., Kuzembaeva K.U., Konysbekova A.A., Malova E.S., Glazkova E.Ya., Balmasova I.P., Rybkina A.A., Bunkova E.B., Morozov V.G.
Genotypic profile and dynamics of viral load in patients with chronic hepatitis C during standard antiviral therapy in the representatives of Kazakh and Slavic populations in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Fazylov V.Kh., Chulanov V.P., Manapova E.R., Karandashova I.V., Dolgin V.A., Beshimov A.T.
Determination of interleukin-28B gene polymorphic variants in patients with mixed CHC/HIV infection
Nagoev B.S., Marjokhova A.R.
Time course of changes in some indicators of endogenous intoxication in erysipelas
Pomogaeva A.P., Nosareva O.L., Zhavoronok T.V.
Lipid peroxidation and nonenzymatic antioxidative system in children with pseudotuberculosis
Reviews and lectures
Kostinov M.P., Andreeva N.P., Petrova T.I.
Clinical and epidemiological efficiency of the prevention of pneumococcal infection with vaccine in infants
Exchange of experience
Ferrante S.A., Elbasha E.H.
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Boceprevir for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 1 Infection in Russia
Konstantinov D.Yu., Konstantinova E.A., Popova L.L., Strebkova E.A., Suzdaltsev A.A.
New approaches to optimizing antiviral therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C and low baseline leukocyte content
Pyadushkina E.A., Andreeva N.S., Omelyanovsky V.V., Avxentyeva M.V., Rebrova O.Yu.
Сlinicoeconomic analysis of the use of kivexa in the first-line antiretroviral therapy of HIV infection in the Russian Federation
Book reviews
Pokrovsky V.I.
V.V. Shkarin, O.V. Kovalishena. Emerging infections: Systematization, problems, prospects

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