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Kravchenko A.V., Pokrovskaya A.V., Kuimova U.A., Goliusova M.D., Kulabukhova E.I., Kanestri V.G., Kozyrina N.V., Mityurina E.V.
The efficiency and safety of ART after switching patients to the combined Russian NRTI phosphaladine in combination with elsulfavirine
№3 / 2022
Kanestri V.G., Kravchenko A.V., Pokrovskaya A.V., Kulabukhova E.I., Kuimova U.A., Goliusova M.D., Kozyrina N.V., Shakhgildyan V.I., Yurin O.G.
Randomized, open-label, controlled, comparative study on switching HIV-infected patients with their antiretroviral therapy experience to a DTG and 3TC regimen: 96-weeks results
№4 / 2021
Kravchenko A.V., Kuimova U.A., Kanestri V.G., Goliusova M.D., Kulabukhova E.I.
The clinical course of HIV/COVID-19 co-infection and approaches to its therapy
№4 / 2021
Kravchenko A.V., Pokrovskaya A.V., Kuimova U.A., Kanestri V.G., Deulina M.O., Goliusova M.D., Kulabukhova E.I., Kozyrina N.V., Yurin O.G.
Results of treatment with a 60-week Russian ART regimen in patients with HIV infection
№3 / 2021
Yurin O.G., Ladnaia N.N., Kravchenko A.V., Sokolova E.V., Suvorova Z.K., Narsiya R.S., Pokrovsky V.V.
Antiretroviral therapy in Russia
№3 / 2021
Yurin O.G., Ladnaia N.N., Kozyrina N.V., Kravchenko A.V., Narsia R.S., Sokolova E.V., Dementyeva L.A., Pokrovsky V.V.
Quality of antiretroviral therapy in 2008–2018
№3 / 2020
Ladnaia N.N., Pokrovsky V.V., Kozyrina N.V., Sokolova E.V., Dementyeva L.A.
Human immunodeficiency virus-related mortality in the Russian Federation in 1987–2018
№3 / 2020

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