№3 / 2017

Problem-solving articles
Shkarin V.V., Blagonravova A.S.
Problems of epidemiological surveillance of mixed infections
Epidemic situation
Asratyan A.A., Solov’ev D.V., Smirnova O.A., Kazaryan S.M., Rusakova E.V.
Parenteral viral hepatitides and tuberculosis: Current problems of epidemiology and prevention
Original investigations
Rozhnova S.Sh., Guseva A.N., Khristyukhina O.A., Vitkova O.N., Krutova N.E.
Role of current typing methods in investigating the genetic diversity of Salmonella strains isolated from different sources and their antibiotic susceptibility
Gerasimov A.A., Polibin R.V., Mindlina A.Ya.
Outpatient physicians’ compliance with clinical practice guidelines for the prevention of recurrent myocardial infarction
Evstropov A.N., Khudonogova Z.P., Zakharova L.N., Mironov A.Yu.
Young students’ awareness about some socially significant infections
Belyaeva V.V., Adigamov M.M.
Awareness about the modes of human immunodeficiency virus transmission and a stigmatizing attitude: Results of a survey of military-aged men
Voronin E.E., Afonina L.Yu., Orlova-Morozova E.A., Plotnikova Yu.K., Radzikhovskaya M.V.
The demographic and clinical characteristics of HIV-infected women in routine clinical practice in the Russian Federation: Results of a multicenter cross-sectional non-interventional study
Galova E.A., Filippov Yu.N., Karyakin N.N., Knyagina O.N., Efremova O.S.
Some epidemiological aspects of acute hepatitis C
Leonova G.N., Bondarenko E.I., Ivanis V.A., Belikov S.I., Lubova V.A.
The first cases of Borrelia miyamotoi disease in the Far East of Russia
Gasanova G.F., Apolikhina I.A., Dodova E.G., Gorbunova E.A.
Combined approaches to treating external genital warts in women
Reviews and lectures
Kanner E.V., Gorelov A.V.
Mixed acute respiratory infections in children

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