№4 / 2017

Epidemic situation
Briko N.I., Saltykova T.S., Gerasimov A.N., Suranova T.G., Pozdnyakov A.A., Zhigar­lovsky B.A.
Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of influenza in 2015–2016 and 2016–2017
Original investigations
Kimirilova O.G., Kharchenko G.A., Galim­zyanov Kh.M.
Significance of serum cytokine levels in detecting immune disorders in children with viral meningitis
Kochkina S.S., Sitnikova E.P.
Current approaches to treating generalized cytomegalovirus infection in infants
Khlypovka Yu.N., Ploskireva A.A., Ruzhen­tsova T.A., Nartsissov Ya.R., Maksimova L.N.
Efficiency of metabolite therapy for neuro­vegetative disorders in children with acute respiratory infections
Tikhomirov D.S., Romanova T.Yu., Igna­tova E.N., Yaroslavtseva N.G., Tupoleva T.A., Gaponova T.V.
The place of PCR in the laboratory diagnosis of viral infections in routine practice
Reviews and lectures
Ruzhentsova T.A.
Myocarditis in modern pediatric practice
Заметки из практики
Viktorova I.B., Belyaeva I.T., Zimina V.N.
A case of generalized tuberculosis in a HIV-infected woman during pregnancy
Exchange of experience
Buslenko A.O., Aleshukina A.V., Pshenich­naya N Yu., Khukazova S.A., Kostenko O.D., Gopatsa G.V., Malysheva M.I.
Local cytokine profile in adult patients with acute enteric infections and its correction with immunomodulatory therapy
Podymova A.S., Smirnova S.S., Gusev A.G., Kadyrov L.A., Posokhova L.A.
Sociomedical characteristics of persons in contact with hiv-infected patients
Scopin A.Yu., Fedorova L.S., Vinogradov D.L., Karaduleva E.V., Goncharov R.G., Kochkina A.V., Gordeeva A.E., Evdokimov V.A., Razzhivin R.V., Novoselov V.I.
Investigation of the efficacy and inhalation toxicity of an air disinfectant in the human breathing zone for the nonspecific prevention of airborne infections
Current events
Briko N.I., Lopukhov P.D.
Interdisciplinary panel discussion of leading experts of the Russian Federation on vaccination against human papillomavirus infection
In memory of Galina Vasilyevna Yushchenko

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