On discussion about the cause, conditions, and mechanism of morbidity

Yakovlev A.A.

Vladivostok State Medical University, Ministry of Health of Russia
Based on the analysis of literature publications and his observations, the author gives his understanding of the nature of the concepts “cause”, “conditions”, and “mechanism of morbidity”. There is evidence for the need for a differentiated approach to reaching the goal when conducting studies of the epidemiology of communicable and noncommunicable diseases. The author’s classification of risk factors for infectious diseases is given.

About the Autors

Prof. Yakovlev Anatoly Aleksandrovich, MD; Department of Epidemiology and Military Epidemiology, Vladivostok State Medical University, Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia
Address: 2, Ostryakov Prospect, Vladivostok 690050
Telephone: (8-423) 244-63-53
E-mail: yakovlev-epid@yandex.ru

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