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Belyakova E.N., Sekacheva M.I., Lopukhov P.D., Briko N.I.
The clinical and epidemiological characteristics of patients with potentially HPV-related head and neck cancers: results of a sampling study
№2 / 2021
Zhukova L.I., Rafeyenko G.K., Shagina A.F., Vanyukov А.А.
Long-term epidemiological monitoring and clinical characteristics of non-poliomyelitic enterovirus infections in the Krasnodar Territory
№2 / 2021
Shuldyakov A.A., Sotskova V.A., Danilov A.N., Bachilo E.V., Lyapina E.P., Bakulev A.L., Kolokolov O.V., Kondratyeva D.A.
Epidemiological surveillance of HIV and sexually transmitted infections: state-of-the-art at the regional level
№4 / 2020
Zaitsev A.A., Akimkin V.G.
Acute bronchitis: topical issues of epidemiology, etiology, pharmacotherapy and prevention
№2 / 2019
Kanner E.V., Pechkurov D.V., Gorelov A.V.
Epi­demiological characteristics of acute infections with concomitant respiratory and digestive tract lesions in children
№2 / 2019
Mikhailov M.I., Kyuregyan K.K., Malinnikova E.Yu., Isaeva O.V., Karlsen A.A., Potemkin I.А., Kichatova V.S., Al-Sharabi Shukri A.S., Dogadov D.I., Korzaya L.I., Ignatieva M.E., Polyakov A.D.
Viral hepatitis: prognosis and problems
№1 / 2019
Novgorodova S.D., Feldblum I.V., Alyeva M.Kh.
A students’ scientific circle as a tool to train a modern physician
№3 / 2018
Воirо M.Y., Ван N.M., Konstantinov O.K., Cissé F., Kalivogui S., Sangare M.
The epidemiological, clinical, and diagnostic aspects of tuberculosis concurrent with HIV infection in the Republic of Guinea
№3 / 2018
Utenkova E.O., Baramzina S.V., Oparina L.V.
Epidemiology of echinococcosis in the Northern Region of Russia
№1 / 2018
Grigoreva G. I., Brusnigina N. F., Ivanova N.I., Chernevskaya O. M.
An ideal personality in science. Look over the horizon
№6 / 2016
Tkhakushinova N.K.
Clinical and epidemiological features of acute intestinal infections of viral and combined etiology in children in the Krasnodar Territory
№6 / 2016
Feldblyum I.V., Alyeva M.Kh., Markovich N.I., Isaeva N.V.
Colorectal cancer in the Perm Territory: Epidemiological aspects
№5 / 2016

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