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Ladnaia N.N., Kozyrina N.V., Babikhina K.A., Mikhailov A.V., Egorova N.V., Godlevskaya M.V., Semenchenko M.V., Zograbyan L.S., Pokrovsky V.V.
The impact of the COVID-19 infection epidemic on the provision of health care for people living with HIV
№3 / 2021
Solomay T.V., Semenenko T.A., Isaeva E.I., Vetrova E.N., Chernyshova A.I., Romenskaya E.V., Karazhas N.V.
COVID-19 and the risk of herpesvirus reactivation
№2 / 2021
Belyaeva V.V., Kozyrina N.V., Kuimova U.A., Goliusova M.D., Narkevich A.N.
Assessment of changes in the emotional state of HIV-infected patients during the development of the coronavirus epidemic
№2 / 2021
Momynaliev K.T., Khoroshun D.K., Akimkin V.G.
Study of olfaction-related Internet queries to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-epidemic measures against COVID-19
№2 / 2021
Zadoroshnyi A.V., Pshenichnaya N.Yu., Ugleva S.V., Erovi­chenkov A.A., Akimkin V.G., Maleev V.V.
Comparative analysis of the incidence of COVID-19 among the population of Moscow and the organized groups of dormitories during the pandemic
№2 / 2021
Pshenichnaya N.Yu., Zhuravlev G.Yu., Lizinfeld I.A., Akimkin V.G., Morozova N.S., Maleyev V.V.
The impact of population size and geographical factors on the incidence of acute respiratory infections in the first half of 2020 in the regions of the Russian Federation during the COVID-19 pandemic
№2 / 2021
Stashko T.V., Meskina E.R., Shilkina I.M., Osipov A.A.
Dynamics of the main demographic and clinical characteristics of COVID-19: The experience of a Moscow regional infectious diseases hospital converted at the beginning of the pandemic
№1 / 2021
Ruzhentsova T.A., Khavkinа D.A., Chuklyaev P.V., Garbuzov A.A., Meshkova N.A.
Characteristics of exanthemas in adult-onset COVID-19
№4 / 2020
Vorobyeva O.V., Lastochkin A.V., Gimaldinova N.E., Romanova L.P., Yusov A.A.
Lung and liver changes during covid-19 infection in the presence of liver cirrhosis
№4 / 2020
Momynaliev K.T., Akimkin V.G.
Analysis of Google Trends queries in Russia during the coronavirus infection pandemic as a tool for epidemiological surveillance
№4 / 2020
Belyaeva V.V., Kozyrina N.V., Kuimova U.A., Goliusova M.D., Narkevich A.N.
The emotional state of medical workers and HIV-infected patients in relation to the COVID-19 epidemic
№4 / 2020
Vorobyeva O.V., Lastochkin A.V.
A clinical and morphological case of COVID-19
№2 / 2020

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