№4 / 2018

Problem-solving articles
Shkarin V.V., Kovalishena O.V.
A new era in the evolution of infectious diseases
Epidemic situation
Asratyan A.A., Sipacheva N.B., Gotvyanskaya T.P., Ivanova M.Yu., Semenenko T.A.
Seroepidemiological characteristics of hepatitis A in some areas of Central Federal District of Russia
Chuprunova S.V., Aleshkovskaya E.S., Sitnikov I.G., Zaitseva L.L., Shalepo E.V.
Epidemiological features of leptospirosis in the Yaroslavl Region
Arakelyan R.S., Okunskaya E.I., Konnova O.V., Galimzyanov Kh.M., Postnova V.F., Shendo G.L., Ramazanova D.N., Kadralieva S.A., Kuksina Yu.M.
Human ascariasis in the Astrakhan Region (2015–2017)
Provorotova S.V.
Epidemiological characteristics of morbidity in the convicts of an investigatory isolation ward of the penitentiary system and in the adult population of the Lipetsk Region
Original investigations
Zaitseva E.A., Melnikova E.A., Komenkova T.S., Luchaninova V.N., Turyansky A.I.
A relationship between antibiotic resistance and biological properties of Enterococcus faecalis isolated from children with urinary tract infection
Ivanova M.R., Kablakhova N.O., Khaku­nova M. Kh., Kharaeva Z.F., Elmurzaeva D.A.
Antibiotic susceptibility and factors for the persistence of Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from children and adults with acute enteric diseases
Agafonova E.Yu., Agafonov D.A., Smirnova N.I.
Multiplex PCR for the differentiation of Vibrio cholerae 01 biovar El Tor strains of different epidemic importance
Matuzkova A.N., Pshenichnaya N.Yu., Suladze A.G., Dosyagaeva L.I., Tverdokhlebova T.I.
Markers for systemic inflammation in HIV-infected patients with different blood HIV RNA levels: diagnostic significance and comparative analysis
Belyaeva V.V., Ermak T.N.
HIV testing counselling: possibilities of prevention of infection
Popova R.V., Ruzhentsova T.A.
Extraintestinal manifestations of norovirus infection in children
Reviews and lectures
Zaitsev A.A., Akimkin V.G., Briko N.I.
Vaccines for the prevention of pneumococcal infections: a case study of adults from organized collectives
Evdokimov E.Yu., Sundukov A.V., Gorelova E.A.
Immunological and clinical features of psoriasis in HIV-infected patients
Rubis L.V.
Problems with laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases in primary health care facilities
History of medicine
Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Evgenia Petrovna Shuvalova (on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of her birthday)

Бионика Медиа