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Pshenichnaya N.Yu., Zhuravlev G.Yu., Lizinfeld I.A., Akimkin V.G., Morozova N.S., Maleyev V.V.
The impact of population size and geographical factors on the incidence of acute respiratory infections in the first half of 2020 in the regions of the Russian Federation during the COVID-19 pandemic
№2 / 2021
Zhigarlovsky B.A., Saltykova T.S., Briko N.I., Gerasimov A.N., Ivanenko A.V., Volkova N.A., Lioznov D.A., Danilenko D.M.
The specific features of the epidemic process of acute respiratory infections caused by different etiological agents
№4 / 2020
Ruzhentsova T.A., Chuchliaev P.V., Khavkina D.A., Garbuzov A.A., Nikolskaya M.V., Razzhivina V.A., Filon O.V.
The necessity and safety of using favipiravir in the treatment of adult patients with mild COVID-19
№4 / 2020
Ruzhentsova T.A.
Cardiovascular disorders in children with influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections
№5 / 2017

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