Prevention of vertical HIV transmission

Shuldyakov A.A., Ramazanova K.Kh., Sofyina A.V.

1V.I. Razumovsky Saratov State Medical University, Ministry of Health of Russia; 2Saratov Regional Center for AIDS Prevention and Control
There has been recently an increase in the number of HIV-infected people among pregnant women, which necessitates the optimization of approaches to chemoprevention (CP) of vertical HIV transmission.
Objective. Тo evaluate the efficiency of different routes of vertical HIV transmission.
Methods. A total of 1355 cases born to HIV-infected women registered in the Saratov Regional Center for AIDS Prevention and Control were retrospectively analyzed; and the women were divided into groups according to the mode of pregnancy management.
Results. As compared to emergency CP and no prophylaxis, a three-stage CP procedure using a few agents, which ensures a significant reduction in the risk of vertical HIV transmission to 3.1%, is a priority. The findings are supported by the clinical examples of the efficiency of current prevention and treatment regimens in HIV-infected pregnant women.
Conclusion. Pregnancy is an absolute indication for CP and continued antiretroviral therapy in HIV-positive women; however, it is necessary to weight the risks and benefits when choosing a specific regimen.


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