Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome is a pressing feral herd infection in the Yaroslavl Region

Aleshkovskaya E.S., Chuprunova S.V., Galitsina L.E., Sinitsina O.D.

Yaroslavl State Medical University
Objective. To analyze the present-day epidemiological features of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) in the Yaroslavl Region and prehospital clinical errors.
Subjects and methods. The clinical and epidemiological data of 73 HFRS patients treated at Yaroslavl Infectious Diseases Hospital One in 2011-2014 were comparatively analyzed.
Results. Upsurges of HFRS morbidity in the region are observed every 2-3 years and coincide with the enhanced epizootic activity of principal reservoir hosts. The red-backed mouse (Clethrionomys) is most commonly infected with hantaviruses. Humans are infected via contact, more frequently during autumn and winter months. Among the patients there is a preponderance of men (72.6%), mainly able-bodied ones (76.6%). Children are ill with HFRS more rarely. The disease is observed mainly in urban dwellers (81.9%); the contamination occurs when they go to the country into a feral focus. 58.9% of the patients are hospitalized in late periods (on day 7 or later). The diagnosis is made correctly and timely in only 26.8% of the patients with HFRS due to the polymorphism of its clinical picture.
Conclusion. In the Yaroslavl Region, HFRS is high of the list of feral herd diseases, being second only to tick-borne infections.


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