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Selkova E.P., Aleshkin V.A., Grenkova T.A., Katlinsky A.V., Polezhaeva N.A., Suranova T.G., Lapickaya A.S.
The results of influenza immunoprophylaxis in the 2015–2016 epidemic season
№1 / 2017
Selkova E.P., Grenkova T.A., Aleshkin V.А., Gudova N.V., . Lytkina I.N., Mikhailova E.V., Yashina A.Ya., Fedyakina I.T.
Investigation of the immunogenicity, efficacy, and tolerability of the Russian vaccine Ultrix® among people at high risk for the infection and morbidity of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections
№1 / 2016
Shandala M.G.
The place and role of disinfection in the prevention of human infectious diseases
№4 / 2013
Semenenko T.A., Rusakova E.V., Shcherbakov A.G., Gaidarenko A.D., Gotvyanskaya T.P., Evseyeva L.F., Sipacheva N.B., Guseva E.V., Nikitina G.Yu., Shaposhnikov A.A.
Herd immunity against controlled infections (according to the materials of the serum bank)
№6 / 2012

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