The first results of using the combined drug rilpivirine/tenofovir/emtricitabine in Russian patients with HIV infection in real clinical practice

Sizova N.V., Volova L.Yu., Malyuzhenko I.V., Isaeva G.N., Koveleno A.Yu., Minaeva S.V., Topolskaya S.V., Voronin E.E., Okhonskaya L.V.

1Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS and Communicable Diseases, Saint Petersburg; 2Yamal-Nenets District Center for AIDS Prevention and Control, Noyabrsk; 3Volgograd Regional Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS and Communicable Diseases; 4Leningrad Regional Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS and Communicable Diseases, St. Petersburg; 5Nizhny Novgorod Regional Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS and Communicable Diseases, Nizhniy Novgorod; 6Nizhny Novgorod Medical Academy, Ministry of Health of Russia, Nizhny Novgorod; 7Clinical Center for AIDS Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar Territory, Krasnodar; 8Republican Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases of Ministry of Health of Russia, Ust-Izhora Settlement, Saint Petersburg
Objective. To evaluate the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of the combined drug rilpivirine/tenofovir/emtricitabine (RPV/TDF/FTC – еviplera) in Russian patients with a viral load (VL) of lower than 100 000 copies/ml.
Subjects and methods. The data on 29 adult HIV-infected patients were analyzed. VH changes and CD4+ lymphocyte counts were estimated 6 months after initiation of RPV/TDF/FTC therapy and the pattern of blood laboratory values were assessed.
Results. Six months after the therapy, 68.2% of the patients remained virologically suppressed; HIV RNA levels were decreased in 27.3% (the baseline VN was unsuppressed) and increased only in one patient. The median increase in CD4+ lymphocytes was 50.5 (0–535) cells/µl at 24 week. Adverse events and significant increases in hepatic enzymes and lipids were not observed; there was a slight decrease in the levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose.
Conclusion. Eviplera (RPV/TDF/FTC) combines a complete once-daily, single-tablet antiretroviral therapy regimen. The drug has demonstrated the high virologic and immunologic efficacy 6 months after treatment and no negative effect on liver function (also in HIV/HCV or HIV/HBV-coinfected patients), lipid profile, good tolerability profile, absence of CNS and gastrointestinal adverse reactions.


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