Еfficacy of the inosine pranobex molecule in therapeutic and pediatric practice

Osidak L.V., Obraztsova E.V.

The review presents the results of a comprehensive study of the main properties of the immunomodulator inosine pranobex (a synthetic analogue of inosine): its pharmacokinetics, (acute, subacute, and chronic) toxicity, immunomodulatory activity, and the mechanism of antiviral, therapeutic, and protective actions on cell cultures, in avian and animal experiments, and in the trials studying the safety and efficacy of the drug in healthy volunteers and its incorporation into combination therapy for various viral infections in adults and children. By and large, the vast majority of authors hold that the drug may be recommended for the treatment and prevention of acute and persistent viral infections, including those in immunocompromised persons.

About the Autors

Prof. Osidak Lyudmila Viktorovna, MD; Leading Researcher, Department of Respiratory Viral Diseases in Children, Research Institute of Influenza, Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia
Address: 15/17, Prof. Popov St., Saint Petersburg 197376
E-mail: Lvosidak@mail.ru

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